For Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

MSPs seek to deliver compelling subscription-based services to both enterprise and SME markets. And since many MSP solutions are comprised of a blended set of cross-application functionality derived from multiple information sources, MSP innovation is inherently both ‘composite’ and ‘location-transparent’ (i.e. services can live in either multiple public or public/private hybrid cloud data centers).  That’s why 21st century MSPs in mission-critical markets are increasingly turning to NextAxiom’s hyperService Platform to power the next generation of vertical and horizontal cloud services solutions.

With NextAxiom hyperServices, MSPs can rapidly and cost-effectively design and deliver new subscription services in emerging markets, as well as incrementally update current market services. For example, MSP innovators seeking to participate in the exciting ‘Smart Grid’ build-out are turning to the NextAxiom Platform to power intelligent information flow and composite solutions across disparate applications, data centers and operating environments — while simultaneously leveraging the platform to modernize legacy code.

If you are in the MSP business — i.e. the business of building and delivering cloud-managed applications and subscription services — then NextAxiom can customize a platform license model that meets your needs.

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