For Universities & Educatoinal Institutions

University computer science departments are often at the cutting edge of technology use and development. As a proven innovator in cross-application, cross-cloud intelligent information flow solutions, NextAxiom seeks to grow our community of certified developers and platform support specialists by providing free editions of our platform to accredited academic institutions. And we will even revenue-share with academic institutions on new applications targeting the education market. Here's how it works.

Download our platform and register your computer science department with us as a hyperServices Innovation Center. Then encourage your students and faculty to begin building new solutions using NextAxiom's hyperService Studio. Have them register with us for certification and participation in our online support community and that's it — your use of NextAxiom's platform is free. But that's not all. We're prepared to take it a step further.

If you're students or staff build a live, commercial application that is used by your institution in a business-critical environment, we will showcase it on our website and share platform revenue with you on all future sales of the application to other colleges and universities around the world. In other words, we will give you both free use and economic incentives down the road.

To contact a NextAxiom partner representative and learn more about NextAxiom's innovative revenue-sharing and Free Use model for Education Partners, click here.