For Web Services as Component Providers & Marketplaces

Industry leaders from eBay to Amazon to leading payment processors have embraced the web services revolution and provide open marketplaces for their branded webs service components and 3rd party partner component builders. If your organization is a web services component provider or web services marketplace, NextAxiom wants to partner with you.

NextAxiom’s hyperService Platform enables developers to snap together powerful solutions from existing web services. For example, a mobile e-commerce developer leveraging eBay web services can leverage NextAxiom’s intelligent information flow platform to seamlessly integrate their application with back office financial applications from Oracle, IBM, SAP and other enterprise software leaders. For web services component providers here’s how our powerful revenue sharing partnership works. 

Step One: The NextAxiom Platform enables your team to easily create pre-packaged hyperService ‘Flowlets’, i.e. re-usable turnkey solutions that leverage your web services components.  These Flowlets can also be easily modified for future customer use through our semantic, visual development environment, NextAxiom hyperService Studio.

Step Two: By leveraging the power of the NextAxiom ‘metered’ model, web service component developers and marketplaces can create and continuously enhance these pre-packaged integration Flowlets for pennies on the dollar, when compared with traditional development approaches. And as part of NextAxiom approved Partner benefits, when a customer deploys your hyperService-based solution, you will recieve 30% of the platform fees for the first 3 years of that Subscription Account.

To contact a NextAxiom partner representative and learn more about NextAxiom’s innovative revenue-sharing model for Web Services Component Partners, click here.