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User Meeting 2023
NextAxiom User Group Event Details

2023 Nuclear User Group Conference


In June 2023, Southern Company will host the first industry-driven,user group conference focused on Work Digitialization. This will be a collaborative forum for the commercial nuclear industry and the Department of Energy Laboratories to share knowledge, lessons learned and future opportunities to capitalize on new technologies and the digital paradigm to drive down costs and increase productivity and safety at the same time. As the thought leader in the computer guided work space, NextAxiom held the first ever Work Digitalization Symposium in March 2022 and this conference will highlight the progress made over the past year and facilitate collaboration between attendees to further digitalization of plants and operations.

Southern Company and NextAxiom invite you to experience first hand the benefits, business justification, and lessons learned from organizations that have actually implemented solutions in computer guided work. This annual meeting is meant to be a meeting of the minds to consistently generate strong, practical recommendations designed to address the industry’s most pressing needs around cost reduction and safety.

Who should attend?

Since almost every aspect of work within an organization can be digitalized — from your frontline maintenance to back-end support functions — conference attendees can be anyone tasked with providing solutions to streamline processes and improve work performance.

The agenda will include presentations and user panels to discuss all aspects of how computer guided work can be applied and brainstorm with attendees to innovate on new approaches to drive further improvements.

Introducing the

Dynamic Work
Execution Platform®

The DWEP accelerates digital transformation by guiding your existing work processes through computer-guided instructions and integrated forms driven by dynamic workflows on a platform designed for continuous improvement. Organizations achieve global awareness across all work processes with granular visibility of current state and cycle times of every instance of work executed and managed through DWEP.

The NextAxiom DWEP technology incrementally transforms the existing workforce across a large organization into a digital workforce. DWEP is the culmination of patent-pending NextAxiom technology with more than ten years of field experience in the nuclear industry focused on automating work processes. This is augmented by over seven years of human factors research around the Computer-Based Procedure (CBP) initiative from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and the US Department of Energy.

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