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NextAxiom® hyperService® Management Suite


The hyperService® Management Toolset is a comprehensive administrative and diagnostic toolset that allows users to securely provision, meter, manage, monitor and analyze hyperServices® at runtime.

The Toolset is available as an integrated part of the hyperService® Studio as well as through web-based interfaces. The hyperService® Management Toolset was designed to manage the highly distributed and modularized nature of hyperServices® in a pure service-oriented architecture.

The hyperService® Management Toolset is comprised of seven distinct tools as described in this overview document. The functionality provided by each tool is built on top of System hyperServices® and can be programmatically accessed through other hyperServices® by an authorized user.

The implication of using hyperServices® for all functions of the management toolset is the ability to easily automate and enforce a variety of management and governance policies in a model-driven environment without coding or scripting

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