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The NextAxiom® Advantage

NextAxiom® Delivers a Next-Generation, Microservice-Driven Digital Middleware

Through a fundamentally different approach to middleware, NextAxiom® dramatically reduces the complexity of integration challenges and accelerates new application development.

A Leap in Simplification, Run-Time Performance and Programmer Productivity

NextAxiom® achieves a leap in middleware simplification and performance through the innovative use of a microservice-oriented programming building block called a hyperService®. hyperServices® perform all the functions of middleware you need within a single, high-performance virtual machine. Now, rather than rely on multiple components, servers, programming orientations and toolkits, you only need one, simple to use technology to power a cost-effective and high-performance digital environment.

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Transform existing enterprise application functionality into universal programming building blocks.

NextAxiom’s® microservice-oriented programming building blocks called hyperServices® are able to unlock and capture enterprise application functionality and data, enabling them to be seamlessly re-used anywhere you need them.

Power New, Fully Featured Software Applications

hyperServices® can be rapidly recomposed into new composite hyperServices® that can power new, role-based and task-based user experiences for your digital workforce.

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