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DWEP® Software Suite

Explore the Dynamic Work Execution Platform® (DWEP) Software Suite

The DWEP suite includes a variety of innovative product lines, each one comprising a set of powerful tools. Each DWEP product line corresponds to one or more Digitalized Work™ description types including: Dynamic Instructions, Dynamic Forms, Dynamic Workflows, and Dynamic PDFs. All Digitalized Work™ descriptions are based on NextAxiom patent-pending SmartContainer™ technology that can dynamically represent content blocks of any work instruction and procedure. Furthermore, all product-lines are supported by the full power of the proven hyperService® data integration and transaction automation platform. The DWEP description types include:

Dynamic Instructions

Dynamic Instructions (DI) act as detailed directions in a GPS system. It digitalizes and provides computer-guidance at a step level for the flow of work instructions while integrating contextual and transactional information.

Dynamic Workflow

Dynamic Workflow acts as a ‘router’ to flow work between digital workers. It defines the flow of one or more Digitalized Work™ instances (DI, DF and/or PDFs) across different users where each step of the workflow represents the automatic transfer of digital work from one person to another.

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms (DF) creates interactive forms that directly integrate with the information and business functions of your core backend applications.

Dynamic PDF

Dynamic PDF (DPDF) superimposes computer guidance and data integration through DWEP SmartContainer™ technology and accommodates a powerful annotation layer at performance time over existing PDFs. Requiring minimal change management, it’s a great introduction to the DWEP suite.

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