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DWEP Transports Your Data

Dynamic Work Execution Platform® transports your data at high speed. Take your enterprise to greater heights. Oversee your entire operation down to the finest detail in real-time. Convert all activity into embedded expertise. Prevent disruptive issues under the wing of an Intelligent Guide. Finally break free from the cycle of putting out fires. The DWEP creates efficiencies in your business so you can focus more time and budget on what lies ahead.

DWEP Portfolio of Tools

Each DWEP Product Line features a comprehensive library of powerful tools

creates new and edits existing Digitalized Work™ descriptions, which can be assembled from reusable SmartContainers™ that represent instruction/procedure content blocks, minimizing your quality assurance workload


mass-converts existing Word/PDF instructions into Digitalized Work™ descriptions that can be individually edited within the Authoring Tool


is used to perform an instance of Digitalized Work™ in a stepwise, guided fashion on various device types including offline support. It validates data as it’s captured and allows access to multimedia to support procedure execution


assigns and redistributes workloads, coordinating hand-offs


provides a means for analyzing performance big data


provides a real-time, interactive dashboard for tracking the progress of specific work instances


a portal for a digital worker view, manage and launch assigned work and to create new instances of Digitalized Work™ when needed. The Work Portal is supported by the Workflow Engine implemented through the hyperService® technology

hyperService® PLATFORM

is a comprehensive, microservice-oriented data integration and transaction automation platform embedded in DWEP Digitalized Work™

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