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hyperService® Platform

The Seamless Digital Middleware at the heart of your Seamless Digital Environment.


The hyperService® Platform provides the most cost-effective and agile approach for location- transparent application integration, composite software development, enterprise mobility, and machine-to-machine automation on top of existing enterprise software assets.

Accelerate your digital initiatives with a

seamless digital environment.

Create a seamless digital environment with a

fundamentally different approach to middleware.

Accelerate your next project with a Seamless Digital Environment.

Taking advantage of a Seamless Digital Environment doesn’t require a big bang approach. Start small and
incrementally add projects into your Seamless Digital Environment.


First, incrementally unlock the functionality you need from your underlying systems, and transform it into hyperServices®.


With a coding free graphical composer, assemble your hyperServices® to create new business and integration logic.


Pair your new functionality with a new user experience and deploy it to your employees or your customers.

Based on a universal building block.

The unique approach offered by the hyperService® Platform is based on the introduction of a universal programming building block called a "hyperService®" together with a hyperService® Virtual Machine.

NextAxiom® hyperServices® directly virtualize existing application functionality as hyperService® building blocks without the use of complex middleware.

Powered by the hyperService® Virtual Machine.

The hyperService® Virtual Machine (SVM) combines all the disparate mechanisms of various middleware components and servers in a single runtime environment without jumping across application memory.


NextAxiom® hyperService® Platform has three major components that provide comprehensive design time, runtime and management functionality:


The hyperService® Studio is a comprehensive visual and semantic programming environment that supports many breakthrough features for creating mission-critical solutions without coding, scripting or code generation.

Runtime Environment(SRE)

The hyperService® Runtime Environment (SRE) is an automated execution and instrumentation environment for metadata-driven hyperServices®.

Management Suite

The hyperService® Management Suite allows you to securely provision, meter, manage, monitor, analyze and govern hyperServices® at runtime.

Do even more with the hyperService® Platform

While the NextAxiom® hyperService® Platform is specifically designed to power a digital workforce, it can go even further and be used for automatic SOA, unified management, cloud-enabled solutions, and more.

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